Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop - Program 3 - Watercolor
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1.75 hour Color DVD

Using techniques of the old masters as well as contemporary methods, David Dunlop brings you a wealth of information, demonstrations, encouragement, tips, and insights in this 2-hour DVD. Learn new methods to dramatically improve your eye, your composition, painting and you landscapes. David begins in his studio and diagrams several master paintings. He then takes you to a lake in Connecticut where he diagrams the scene and completes a plein air painting. He returns to his studio to give a brief discussion of the history of watercolor painting.
  • Enjoy David's Unique Intergrative Approach to Art
  • Explore Composition and Design
  • Learn Techiques of the Masters
  • Learn Composition and Design
  • Vist Beautiful Locations
  • Explore Color Mixing Techniques
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David's Studio - Introduction to Landscape Painting/ Composition of Old Masters
This program opens in David Dunlop's Connecticut studio. He gives a brief but informative history of landscape painting throughout the ages and a discussion of the structure of specific paintings by a pantheon of landscape artist greats. (12 minutes)

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Out in the Field - Selecting the Scene for the Painting
David then takes us to visit a lake in the Connecticut countryside to paint a plein air painting He discusses his thoughts when choosing a scene for a painting, and outlines his steps for designing the painting. As David says:"Your painting is a poem, not a police report."

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Out in the Field - Design and Sketching the Scene
He discusses the structure and design of the painting and demonstrates a drawing of his design. David then paints his plein air painting of the scene, demonstrating many painting techniques for shaping, toning and creating texture in a painting.

Section 3
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Painting Foliage, Water and the Sky
He specifically focuses on watercolor painting techniques used in an innovative way to create different kinds of effects and brushstrokes to create a more interesting painting. He completes this painting within an hour. (65 minutes)

Section 4

Short Watercolor Painting Exercise
David paints a quick two-minute watercolor painting to give you a sense of how you can capture the essence of a subject. This tecnique has been used by Turner and other travelling painters throughout history and can be used to experiment with the color and composition of a pinting, as well as to free your imagination. (approx 18 minutes)

Section 5

Painting Morphing Section
The program includes a painting morphing sequence which shows the evolution of the painting by showing slides of the painting at various stages. (approx. 3 minutes)

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