Painting Skies with David Dunlop - NEW DVD
3.5 Stars in Nov/Dec. Video Librarian Issue - "Highly recommended, an Outstanding resource for Artists"

Four Different Programs and 3.5 hours of painting instruction:
- van Ruisdael Cloud Study
- J.M.W. Turner Cloud Study
- Skies in Motion Program
- Luminous Skies with Diffused Light

2 DVD Series/3.5 Hours
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This Painting Skies DVD has 4 programs:
  • Jacob van Ruisdael Cloud Study (56 minute program)
  • J.M.W. Turner Cloud Study (58 minute program)
  • Skies in Motion Program (105 minute program)
  • Luminous Skies with Diffused Light (34 minute program)
Each program will have two sections. David will begin by discussing and diagramming the design and composition of several relevant paintings by a range of different artists, including Claude, van Ruisdael, Turner, Constable, and the Hudson River painters - as well as contemporary painters.

Next, he will demonstrate how van Ruisdael and Turner painted their skies in several of their paintings, discussing every step of his painting process along the way. He will paint an original painting in the Skies in Motion and Luminous Skies programs, showing how you can incorporate these techniques into your own unique style.

David gives several workshops around the countries of different elements of landscape painting and his Skies Workshop is enormously popular. This Painting Skies DVD is intended for landscape painters interested in learning new information and different techniques for painting skies and expanding their painting skills and their background in art history.

Using techniques of the old masters as well as contemporary methods, David Dunlop brings you a wealth of information, demonstrations, encouragement, tips, and insights in this 3.5-hour DVD. Learn new methods to dramatically improve your eye, your composition, painting and you landscapes.

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  • Enjoy David's Unique Intergrative Approach to Art
  • Explore Composition and Design
  • Learn Techiques of the Masters
  • Explore Color Mixing Techniques

Program 11vanRuisdale pict
Jacob van Ruisdael Cloud Study (56 minutes)

David examines, discusses and outlines the design of vanRuisdael’s masterful painting The Wheatfield. He discusses the different considerations for designing higher and lower perspectives for landscapes and then paints a demonstration exploring how van Ruisdael painted his voluminous skies.

Program 22 Turner DVD
J.M.W. Turner Cloud Study (58 minutes)
David examines, discusses and paints a study of Turner’s beautiful View of Venice: The Ducal Palace, Dogana and Part of San Giorgio, painted in 1841. He examines the techniques that Turner used to paint luminous skies and water in the Venetian landscape.

Program 34 motion
Skies in Motion (105 minutes)
David discusses the structure and design of the painting and demonstrates a drawing of his design. David then paints his plein air painting of the scene, demonstrating many painting techniques for shaping, toning and creating texture in a painting.

Program 4
Luminous Skies

Luminous Skies with Diffused Light
(34 minutes)
David demonstrates how to paint a luminous sky against a subtle background. He paints the very subtle gradations of color in a glowing backlit (contre-jour) sky and discusses the delicate touches and palette necessary to create this landscape.

Emmy-Award-winning PBS Series
Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop

All 13 Episodes on 3 Dual-layer DVDs
(6.5 hours of Programs)
This 13 30-minute program high definition PBS Series offers an unrivaled blend of art, history, travel, science, philosophy, and technique. David Dunlop travels to magical locations painted by some of the world's greatest landscape painters.

Entire 13 half-hour Program DVD Set
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Each Individual 30-minute DVD
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Streaming Version of Entire 13 half-hour Program DVD SetThis is purchased through a streaming service called Gumroad, similar to ITunes, and the purchase will be on separate checkout page from any DVDs that you purchase.
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SEASON TWO of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop - NOW AVAILABLE
All 8 half-hour Episodes of Season Two are available on 2 DVDs (4 hours of Programming)

Season Two of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop is the second season of the innovative, lively and entertaining Emmy® and CINE Golden Eagle Award winning PTV series that takes you to the actual locations in Italy and the United States that inspired the great artists J.M.W. Turner, John Singer Sargent, Francesco Guardi, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Winslow Homer, and the Hudson River artists to create some of their most iconic works.
DVD Set of Season Two of Landscapes Through Time
$79.96 ($99.95)

Streaming Version of Season Two of Landscapes Through Time
$79.96 ($99.95)

David's Painting Landscapes Series - All Four Programs (6.5 hours of Programs)

All Four DVDs
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All 4 DVDs
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