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Jeweled Patterns With Atmosphere

The delight we find in arranging ornament and discovering  ornamental patterns reaches back to the beginning of human history as we carved and painted our stony walls.  Across time and cultures the patterns grew in complexity.  Even in our most … Continue reading

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Woodland Veils

We derive much of our image of landscapes from the poet, Virgil of ancient Rome. His ideas were read and interpreted by artists like Nicolas Poussin in the 1600s.  Poussin kept to ancient classical themes while updating the form of … Continue reading

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Acadia in Mist

A couple of hours south of Maine’s Acadia National Park lies Prouts Neck, Maine. Here was Winslow Homer’s last home, studio and subject. Living on the Maine coast insures many hours of fog bound imagery.  Fog simplifies forms and dissolves … Continue reading

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City Perspectives

Merge linear perspective to atmospheric perspective for an emotionally persuasive experience. Why? Because linear perspective’s feeling for measurable depth coupled to atmospheric perspective’s sensation of indefinite space will stimulate an emotion of space, movement and infinity. This brief post plans … Continue reading

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NEW Online and DVD Painting Seas and Shorelines Workshop

NEW Online and DVD Painting Workshop Painting Seas and Shorelines with David Dunlop Online Version Now Available – DVDs available in 2 weeks This Painting Seas and Shoreline Workshop has 4 programs and 3.8 hours of programming: – Sea and Shoreline Introduction in the Studio … Continue reading

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Light Waves

Isaac Newton puzzled over light’s substance. Was it composed of particles (photons) or waves? In the 19th century scientists like Mathew Young determined light was composed of both, particles and waves. Our eyes receive light as electromagnetic touches which are … Continue reading

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Oceanic Vessels

As a child I watched as Jacques Cousteau discovered ancient amphora on the seafloor of the Mediterranean. I would imagine their history, their shipwreck, their spoiled contents, and the slow corrosive work of the sea on their aging appearance. Cousteau … Continue reading

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Ancient Vessels

Returning to ancient sources offers opportunities for re-invention and discovery. The enigmatic imagery and classical forms of ancient civilizations tantalize with their indecipherable mysteries.  Borrowing two thousand year old shapes and merging them with contemporary landscape images took art history … Continue reading

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The Cat’s Tail, and Other Abstractions

In early childhood we learn to attach words to pictures. In later adulthood we continue to conceive of images through schematic pictographs whether we are photographing, sketching, doodling or painting.  Examining how we begin and advance this process allows me … Continue reading

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David’s Living Art Award from Silvermine and Gallery Opening

Last weekend David was honored with a Living Art Award from Silvermine Arts Center in CT, where he has taught for many years.  He was honored along with Legacy Award recipient Ann Weiner and Guild of Artists Award recipients Alberta Cifolelli and Bonnie Woit.  Congratulations … Continue reading

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