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Hello, Everyone!  Sadly, many of you have not been receiving an email notification when David posts a new blog.   As you may know, this occurred because our old server was bought by a new company and something stopped working when they moved our website to their new server.  We have been trying to fix this and we are also moving to a new server.  We hope that this may provide a temporary fix.  Thank you for your patience!

Please let us know if you are receiving multiple notifications.

Warm regards,
Connie Simmons

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26 Responses to Blog Post Notification Test

  1. Agnes Wnuk says:

    So glad to hear! Can’t wait to receive them soon!

  2. I have not been receiving them. I look forward to receiving them once again.

  3. Karen F Rose says:

    Thanks for the notification. Always love to hear when glitches are repaired.

  4. Marion Clark says:

    That is good news – I’ve been puzzled and hoping David was well.
    Thank you.

  5. Harold Kirby says:

    I don’t think I’ve heard from you for awhile.

  6. Andrea Bachrach says:

    Voila….it worked…just in time to wish Davideo a Happy Birthday!

  7. Gail Ingis says:

    Yay! Missed those blogs. Good luck for a successful recovery! Humph, 21st century indeed.

  8. Linda says:

    Good missed u

  9. larry harris says:

    Haven’t heard from you for a couple of months. Happy to hear that may change soon.

  10. That’s great news, love the blogs

  11. Kay Halcrow says:

    I havent received any recently. Looking forward to reading them again!

  12. Elaine Finsilver says:

    Looking forward to reconecting

  13. Mary says:

    I wondered what happened to the blog. So happy to hear it will be back! Thanks David and Happy Birthday. Mimi Haik

  14. Pam Johnson Brickell says:

    Received this! Hadn’t see a post in a few months.

  15. Karin Dungee says:

    Glad this snafu was discovered and is being fixed. Love David’s teachings.

  16. Shirley Howe says:

    Glad they will be coming again. I have missed reading them!

  17. Bambi says:

    Thanks so much. I am looking forward to getting to see the posts again!

  18. I was worried that something might have happened. So relieved everything is good and back to normal! I really missed it!

  19. Bill Moehl says:

    Here’s a BEAUTY! Don’t know if David is aware; but the ENTIRE St. Louis Public Library System (from which I receive the blog) was attacked by villains using a Ransom Virus, NO KIDDING! The entire system had to be deleted and reconstructed from backup materials. This happened to be concurrent with the events you’ve describe in this latest email. Fortunately, I save the blog in a history folder and was able to pop-up the last painting class link and access the archived ones that I’d been missing. All is well now, thanks!

  20. Anita Sutton says:

    Hi David, Yes I was missing you too. My birthday is almost here as well. Happy B to you. I watch your videos so often they may wear out. Keep smiling. Anita

  21. Verne L. Thayer says:

    Hope all goes well David.

  22. John kubowicz says:

    Thanks for the heads up, always look forward to the great inspiration.

  23. Jerry Perlman says:

    Glad to have the Blogs back

  24. Thanks for the info! I too have not received the posts for awhile. Good to hear from you again!

  25. Mimi Games says:

    So glad you caught the problem. I look forward to receiving the blogs.

  26. Sylvia A. Keller says:

    I missed your interesting blogs!

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