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Eye-Tracking And Magic

Magicians rely on our inescapable and automatic response to track a motion, to anticipate the direction of that motion and to separate the tracking subject/object from the background. If the magician provides a convincing motion we will follow with eye-tracking … Continue reading

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Changing Speeds, Slow to Fast

Compressed space with articulated edges and textured density slows our sense of time and motion.  Blurred and blended forms expressed across space with uniform textures quicken our feeling of time and motion.  They give the beholder a variety of experiences … Continue reading

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Scratching the Surface, Sgraffito

Sgraffito, “to scratch (in Italian)” is ancient process. Since antiquity artists have scratched through surfaces to reveal substrate colors. In Ceramics an artist scratches through layers of surface glaze to reveal other colors below. Artists from Da Vinci to Cezanne … Continue reading

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Recomposing The Canon

We speak the languages we are taught,  linguistically, acoustically, and artistically. We inherit forms of expression. When we are aware of those forms we are more capable of seeing other possibilities for expression. We better equipped to change or adjust … Continue reading

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