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Metamorphosis In December

Our worlds change. Our lives change. Our memories change. There are no constants. Painting can reflect and exploit opportunities revealed in changing appearances. The composer revisits his theme but, invests it with change to hold our attention. Redundancy does not … Continue reading

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Deep In December

December arrives here as it does in Paris and London, with tinted fog, bare trees, and horizontal light. Artists find  foggy days appealing for their obscuring ambiguity and  defused luminosity. 18th Century Dutch landscape painters found charm in winter. Sung … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from David!

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Finding Water

Reflection, translucence, movement, ambiguity, and shadows sliding between layers of space, these are opportunities sleeping in December’s water.  The detritus of autumn hides here.  The color temperature has chillier contrasts with less green and more blue and violet to contrast … Continue reading

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Play: Priceless and Freehand

Milton Glaser lamented the reliance on computer graphics because; it deprived designers of the use of uncertainty. Uncertainty or ambiguity are visual fields we create in order to discover the unanticipated ideas. Glaser experienced a pencil on paper as capable … Continue reading

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