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Chromatic Mesh

Vincent Van Gogh let his brush strokes imitate the pen strokes of his sketches. He found an expressive vocabulary of marks to describe the wavering, windswept, leaning, curling, interwoven patterns of nature (example 1).  Layering and weaving nature’s strands of … Continue reading

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Layered and Mixed Media

Beginning in 15th century the Yuan Dynasty stretched for a hundred years. Yuan artists like Huang Gongwang  painted vertically exaggerated landscapes of mountains, crags and valleys. Exaggerations like his were subsumed into American painting in the 20th century in artists … Continue reading

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Autumn Cascade

The delights of an autumn meadow lay in the opportunities for finding designs whether close up or  panorama.  A superabundance of opposing currents of flora create interlocking patterns. The artist’s problem is one of simplification and distillation. How do we … Continue reading

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Inspiration In A Basket

Baskets and Blankets share a weft and warp, interweaving patterns meeting perpendicularly. Normally, we gather our attention at  intersections and when they are redundant we move our attention to the continuities of the pattern and cease to pay attention to … Continue reading

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