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Glass In Perspective

In Human history both clear glass and linear perspective are new inventions, both appearing in the last 600 to 700 years.  They worked in concert.  With clear glass we got lenses, clear  windows and  vivid mirrors. All three were adapted … Continue reading

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Perspectives of Disappearance

Da Vinci explored how things appear over distance. He observed they  not only appear smaller, they also change their shape and  edges.  Over long distances he noticed first  a horse’s legs disappear, then its neck and head. They evolve into … Continue reading

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Corot Visits Sun Valley or, Leaves From A Touch

Corot was a student of  composition, atmosphere, and tonal accuracy.  His influence runs through modern landscape painting. Long  before Corot determined to evoke leafy foliage the subject occupied the artists from ancient China to  mediaeval Paris. We thought of  leaves … Continue reading

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