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Beach Life, 200 Years of Improvisation

J.M.W. Turner found beach life with its ships, waves and theatrical weather an infinite source for inspiration and improvisation. Like other artists he began with the standard model, a soft declining triangle on a horizon pointing into the picture. But, … Continue reading

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Taking Van Gogh To The City and Shore

Van Gogh, a master of linear perspective and composition, exaggerated traditional designs. Through his knowledge of  17th century masters like Poussin and Claude, he was able to persuasively improvise with their compositions.   He could broaden his use of color because … Continue reading

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Turning and Looking

From Monhegon Island’s pristine forest trails to Maine’s inland coves, artists have expressed their experience of deep forests with textured shadows and scattered pockets of light. These expressions can be distilled emotional evocations tucked into subtle designs. Last week I … Continue reading

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