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Picturing The Cosmos

We want to know where we are.  So, we picture our universe and our place in it. When we do we invariably use the circle, the square and the triangle. We have pictured our cosmos  for millennia. In the area … Continue reading

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Photography, Montage, and Paint

We use the materials at hand whether we are cooks, artists or musicians. Recombining or redefining the role of accessible materials can deliver delicious surprises or a confused disasters. With the superabundance of reproductions and photographs artists naturally sorted, cut, … Continue reading

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Gardens Under Investigation

While still-lifes with flowers may have begun with Caravaggio in the 16th century, the history of garden imagery goes back thousands of years. Eden, Arcadia, Hyperion, Shangri La are all idyllic garden states. We seek them in art. We aspire … Continue reading

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Expressive Geometry

As soon as artists learned to use linear perspective they questioned its relationship to visual experience.  Da Vinci observed technical failings. He observed the hard edges prescribed by linear perspective flattened the feeling of volume on shapes. Italian mannerists following … Continue reading

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