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SATURDAY, APRIL 11th at 1PM EDT – Join David Dunlop for his First Live On-Line Streaming Workshop

Saturday, APRIL 11th at 1:00pm EDT We would love to have you join David on Saturday, April 11th at 1:00pm EDT for our very first one-hour live on-line streaming workshop. You will be able to watch the workshop/class by going to our website and … Continue reading

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Directions For Sunlight

We celebrate the sun. We’ve worshipped solar deities since our beginnings. As  diurnal animals we need sunlight to work, hunt and grow food.  Our brains are sensitive to the contrast of light and dark, always turning to the light like … Continue reading

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Importing Japan

By the mid 1800s artists were raising their horizons. New compositional ideas had floated over from China and Japan.  Edward Manet, Whistler, and Gustav Klimt took notice. So did blossoming American Impressionists like John Henry Twachtman. The imported Japanese woodblock … Continue reading

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Into Black, Into The Woods

Black soot from  fire became a first pigment for artists.  Black outlines were strong and their effect was dramatic as we drew images or traced our hands on cave walls. Later Carbon blacks were used to dye clothing worn by … Continue reading

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