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The Twilight Zone

In that moment when a pale red-orange flirts with the silhouette of a dark horizon and  across the curtain of sky cerulean blue slowly deepens into ultramarine we experience the twilight zone.   We  can only see red where sufficient light … Continue reading

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Speed of Light

I promise to take you to Paris later.  For now,  think about the operation of your eyes and brain. Your brain collects the eyeball’s data for shape, color and motion at different speeds. It correlates them to create an image … Continue reading

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Turner Vs. Rembrandt

A bath of light can create the same veil of  ambiguity and mystery as a bath of darkness. Darkness presents a bluer mood like hearing a song a in a minor key. An abundance of light gives the upbeat feeling … Continue reading

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Stealing From Rembrandt

Rembrandt looked to the chiaroscuro tradition of Da Vinci and Caravaggio.  In the early 1600s in Amsterdam, chiaroscuro was new. Rembrandt wasn’t alone with his fascination for the new technique building dramatic ambiguity through veils of darkness.  His biggest competitor … Continue reading

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