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Pattern Makers: Building The Maze

Whether a spider’s web or the striated rhythms in the bark on a tree, we find and satiate ourselves with patterns in nature. We replicate them, we deconstruct them,¬† and we discover them in our works from rugs and blankets … Continue reading

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The Point of View

After seeing Brunelleschi’s perspective demonstration inside the Duomo of Florence with a mirror and a painting, Alberti was hooked. ¬†Florentines in the early 1400s celebrated Brunelleschi’s perspective illusion. He made paintings into accurate echoes of reality and they were dazzled. … Continue reading

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Perspective With A Twist

Leaves, fronds, and stems like to twist, twirl and bend toward us, away from us, and with us. That can be a problem when designing a painting because our brain usually conceives ( ideates objects) from the side view not, … Continue reading

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