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River Fast, Mountain High

Hiking with painting gear, easels, boards, and supplies challenges muscles and bones.  The subject must be promising to encourage painters to take to the trail.  And the trail needs to be short.  New Hampshire’s White Mountains offer  plein air painters … Continue reading

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Come Away From The Window

In the 1436 Alberti described how linear perspective could turn paintings into views out a window. Within a hundred years the novelty of  persuasive linear perspective in developing deep space became insufficient for artists.  Da Vinci observed atmospheric perspective, curvilinear … Continue reading

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Perspective Like A Rubber Band

In any single glance lots of photons touch our eyes but our brain makes sense out of only  relatively few of them. How we make sense; how we make our guesses is the question for artists. Tools like linear perspective  … Continue reading

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Inside Out

Since Ancient Antiquity artists have used the window as a device to frame, deepen, and design their pictures. The window constrains our view. We don’t scan; we only take in the single point perspective of a the window’s small vista. … Continue reading

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