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Designing The Catskills

Whether exploreing New York’s Catskill Park or trolling through art history we repeatedly find the fundamental design form of the triangle. With its unifying effect on design it has become as omnipresent as the circle in painting. It can be … Continue reading

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The Rising River

Following the Housatonic River Road this morning I found my opportunity to raise a river.  With my contrived, elevated river  I could build additional psychological distance into the painting.  The River is a mirror and mirrors reflect light.  My river-mirror … Continue reading

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Thrown On The Rocks

Art history has seen  waves, ships, maidens, sailors and  plastic water-bottles thrown, shattered and strewn against the rocks. These painted collisions have been harsh and theatrical or, soft and subtle, detailed and legible or, blurred and abstracted. Painting the tension … Continue reading

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