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The Conjurer’s Brush

Look at a painting from the 16th century by Albrecht Altdorfer, then one from the 17th century by Fragonard, and then one from the 19th century by Corot. You notice that the concern for salience (clear and informative edges)  has … Continue reading

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The Elastic Triangle Encounters a Common Fate

In Thalma Lobel’s new book, Sensation, The New Science of Physical Intelligence, she considers how our sense of touch  influences our  unconscious behavior.  Hold something warm and you will be more amenable to the suggestions of others. Historically heat has … Continue reading

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Danger! Falls Ahead

I was in sixth grade when I felt the dangerous magnetism of  big falls. I was close to the rail  staring at the downward plummet of Niagara.  It pulled on me.  Always an inviting peril, the emotionally charged attraction of … Continue reading

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