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Surprise! Dividing the Pie Unfairly

When confronted with the last piece of pie my mother’s solution was to have my brother and I divide it.  One of us would get to divide and then, the other would choose.  Our scrutiny was fierce. But, my brother … Continue reading

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Da Vinci’s Disappearing Horse

Da Vinci spoke of perspective in terms of a horse. As we move farther from the horse we lose our ability to read the legs, then the head and neck are lost and what is left is only a blurred … Continue reading

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The Nexus of Attention

When a pirate couldn’t sign his name he made his mark, frequently an  “x” or a “T”.  The nexus of  our attention is where two perpendicular lines cross to make  a cruciform or X pattern. This is a most basic … Continue reading

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