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Exaggeration Is A Form of Simplification

We grow weary of styles because of their familiarity. When we tire of them we cease to notice them; they lose the ability to surprise us.  Our under-stimulated attention has become too accustomed to a style so,  we look for … Continue reading

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Same Subject, Different Strategies

Where do we go when no single effort, no single image can satisfy our curiosity about the limits of  expression? One answer  is to revisit the same image again and again.  Each incarnation will  reveal new directions.  Another answer is … Continue reading

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How Can Paintings Feel True?

We want a paintings that feel true but, evoking credibility is a slippery activity.  From research on how perception works we have begun to identify particular triggers that help us build images in our brain, effects that imply motion, sadness, … Continue reading

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