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Where Does the Accent Fall?

Interruptions are magnets for our attention. We attend to them and try to fit them into a pattern, into meaning. A thunderclap has us turn to the weather; alert us to possible danger. Was it a thunderclap or something else? … Continue reading

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Inventing Perspective

Spatial Perception can be triggered by many mechanisms. Once a few of those mechanisms are mastered then the artist will find it easier to invent persuasive spacial effects.  In the 1700s Piranesi was inventing spacial effects with his series of … Continue reading

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Interacting Winter Color

Among the most influential color theorists of the 20th century is Joseph Albers. His instructive paperback, Interaction of Colors gives a sample of  his curriculum from  the Bauhaus, to Black Mountain College to Yale. How colors advance, recede, glow, expand, … Continue reading

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Experiments Expose New Ideas

Experiment with a recipe, new ingredients, oven temperatures and your menu expands. Experiment with tools, paints, gestures, surfaces and your painting menu expands. Ideas are born from experiments. Merely repeating the recipe will not generate new dishes, new directions. What … Continue reading

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