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Good Taste Is A Censor

From your clothing, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, car, home, and meals to your artwork the problem of individual expression can be summed up as the challenge of escaping good taste,  confronting standard conventions.  Violating  convention is the foundation of innovation whether … Continue reading

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Growing A Painting

Quick sketches can beget large exhibition works.  Will the translation lose its aesthetic charge in the transformation from small facile study to big painting?   A  free and loose small expression can turn into a  ponderous  dud.  The delights found in … Continue reading

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Throwing Timidity Overboard

The problem is twofold, timidity and courage. Georgia O’Keeffe said her talented sister  had been expected to be the successful artist in her family but, she lacked courage. J.M.W. Turner said  ” Of all the faults of an artist the … Continue reading

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