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Sparkle vs. Glow

Painting in the 1500s Titian explored expressive gestures and a soft dissolving focus.  In the 1600s Rembrandt would follow but, synthesized the dissolving gestures of  Titian with his own combination of dissolve vs. sparkle. He borrowed Titian’s designs and retooled … Continue reading

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DaVinci’s Camera Goes To Boston

Leonardo DaVinci assembled principles for making paintings. He derived these from personal observations on how vision works. He directed his observations to particular areas like flight and the motion of natural forces, like wind, water, and human interaction. I have … Continue reading

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Mashups: Photography and Painting

Centuries ago we began recording vision with tools like the concave lens which reproduced visual appearances  that corresponded with the way our brain constructs images. Hold up a concave lens to a bright scene and it will reflect that scene … Continue reading

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