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White Light

Artists Like Turner or Da Vinci tint and flavor their lights to make them feel white without being white. In 1660 as Newton holds his prism to a pinhole of light he watches it subdivide into a rainbow of color. He … Continue reading

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Yellow Reveals October

We have painted with yellow for at least 50,000 years. The evidence lies in ancient caves from Chauvet to Altamira to Lascaux. The meaning of  a color shifts between epochs and cultures, for the great Khans of China yellow was … Continue reading

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Color Codes and Atmosphere

You and I have become accustomed to the meaning of particular colors. Our reflexive sense of color-meaning is particular to our culture.  For me blue is cold, aerial, wet and seasonally associated with winter. Blue’s association with the cosmos goes … Continue reading

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Visiting 1826

As a young man Corot, like all other artists, heads to Rome. Artists had been going to Rome since the Renaissance to build their resume, find inspiration, and study art. At the Louvre Valenciennes advised painters to go out to … Continue reading

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