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Recognizing Space

Kant observed that our perception was a function of the organization of our minds. Neuroscientists have made similar observations today. Through FMRI research we can watch our brain work.  Recognizing space is a particular skill of ours. Whenever we fail … Continue reading

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In The Garden, A May Morning

The Light of  the Garden of Eden was a soft luminous yellow coming from the East, the direction of morning.  For Jan Van Eyck to Vermeer that morning light came through a window on the left side of the painting.  … Continue reading

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Thank you for your amazing support in helping us reach 90% of our Kickstarter Goal to create Season Two of Landscapes Through Time – with 12 DAYS TO GO! There are 12 more days to get 40% off the Season … Continue reading

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Points of View

  For centuries artists  like tourists have  visited prescribed locations to find inspiration, to document their journey,  and to insure a ready market for their artworks.  Artists like tourists tend to rely on standard viewpoints whether the subject is  Niagara … Continue reading

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New Kickstarter Project for Season 2 of Landscapes Through Time

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