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Patience Is Not A Virtue In Art

Often I hear “I could never do that; I don’t have your patience”. Patience is not an essential ingredient  in creativity. In fact,  patience undermines the path of discovery.  As we begin to write, paint, dance, cook we are explorers. … Continue reading

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Watercolor For A Winter Stream

In Asia, the serpent or dragon, has mythic power. The dragon shape invests paintings with that power and, with the unifying effect a serpentine shape brings to a picture. The dragon can be alluded to by its shadow, by its negative … Continue reading

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Through the Veil, Designs For Winter Part 2

Biologically,  we have  x-ray vision. Whatever is less than 5cm wide ( the space between our eyes) we can see through. Try it. Hold a finger up just 12 inches in front of your nose. Don’t look at your finger … Continue reading

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Designs For Winter

If we turn back the years to Degas and Van Gogh working in the later part of the 1800’s, we  discover they  share a design vocabulary. This vocabulary is still useful today. Among their shared design templates was the radial … Continue reading

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