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Designs For A Dark And Stormy Night

Here is our  story, good against evil, light against dark. Finding the light is our quest.  Light is the life-giver. As diurnal creatures we are attracted to light. We design our paintings and dramas around the quest for the security, … Continue reading

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Ancient Interiors, Step-by-Step

The most well known of all European paintings are interiors and a portrait. The portrait of course, is the Mona Lisa but, right after her,  popular recognition jumps to DaVinci’s Last Supper, a classic interior painting relying on linear perspective  … Continue reading

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Contrast with Color

Michel Chevreul’s  1839 publication of The Principles of Harmony and  The Contrast of Colors became the Guide Book for color for artists as diverse as Delacroix and Winslow Homer.  His recipes for color harmonies, his useful explanations and demonstrations of … Continue reading

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