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Deeper Windows On Space

Since Rome, landscape painting has offered us illusory space, a window on space contained within the rectangle. As Malraux observed, we  each have a museum of the mind and this mental catalog, this pictionary of ours helps artists recognize possibilities … Continue reading

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November’s Palette

As September surrenders its green to yellow and, October re-invests nature with warmer color, November  introduces new harmonies of blue and orange and, violet and yellow.  I have mined the palette of  the mid 19th century paintings of Turner to … Continue reading

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Sunrise,Sunset by Design

There is a great history to the  long, red-and-yellow raking light of sunrise and sunset . The edge-of-day light gives a  theatrical power to paintings. In the Dutch golden age of painting, the 1600s, artists like Koninck, Rembrandt, Van Ruisdael, … Continue reading

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