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Elastic and Creative Perspective

The Greeks and Romans had the geometry of Euclid to help them develop credible perspective in their painting.  Much of this picture-making knowledge was lost for centuries until Giotto began to try to reconcile the converging angles of architecture to … Continue reading

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Painting Tools, Brush to Squeegee

Artists have made their own tools for most of our history.  Brushes were no exception. Only in the 19th century do manufactured brushes become commonplace.  Because  many artists relied upon  their fingers and rags for the paint’s manipulation, brushes were … Continue reading

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Representing and Abstracting Trees

The problem with trees is we think we know them. But, Knowing and seeing are separate experiences. As with everything else we learn to represent trees through our experience with pictures. We always begin by representing  trees pictographically.  We have … Continue reading

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Plein Air Painting at Prouts Neck, Maine

Here is a step-by-step account of a plein air experience on the Maine coast with a special emphasis on design and translucence. Prouts Neck, Maine is a rocky promontory protruding into the Atlantic just a few miles south of Portland. It was … Continue reading

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Wave Contours, Step-by-Step

The undulations of the waves are made perceptible by the shadows and sea foam  floating  on the surface and, by the rocks that shape and interrupt that surface. Here is a step-by-step progression of two  wave paintings in oil. I … Continue reading

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