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Unity Through Simultaneous Contrast

What do we find appetizing?  Alluring?  What makes the pastry shop window, the candy store display, and the carnival attractive to us? Simultaneous contrast.  The strategic  use of complementary colors often in tint form ( that is the sensation of … Continue reading

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Refinement Through Simplification

Reduction not only makes a more intensely flavored sauce in the kitchen, it also makes a more intense experience in all the arts, especially painting. Reduction is editing. Editing is not just changing the product  primarily,  it is removing whatever … Continue reading

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The Mutating Serpent

The most terrible serpents, demons, are an amalgamation of predator animals with talons, big teeth, thrashing tails and long necks. They are a terrific invention which  relies both upon our fears and our ability to quickly recognize the unity of … Continue reading

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