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Roots of Design, I

Our attention begins where and when change happens.  In two dimensions change happens where contrast occurs whether that contrast is between colors, values, edges or textures. Design begins with edges because, edges build forms. We will travel together across time … Continue reading

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Deep Space

Europeans like Monet borrowed ideas  from 19th century Japanese printmakers like Hokusai and Hiroshige to create designs of great spacial depth.  These Japanese artists took linear perspective with its vanishing points and eye level(sight line)paradigm from Europeans.  Here are diagrams … Continue reading

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The Light Behind The Flower

Backlighting has the ability to silhouette, illuminate through translucence, create a halo or corona, dissolve edges to heighten volume, magnify size, focus and elevate attention, suggest advancing or retreating motion and, dramatically exaggerate the subject. Photography like painting exploits these … Continue reading

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Making Pictures with Electricity, Gardens and a Camera

The center of our vision is packed with cones which are sensitive to color amplified by light. The lower the light the less color we perceive.  Colored lights set against a backdrop of  darkness  appear particularly vivid by virtue of … Continue reading

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