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Inviting The Viewer Through an Arch

From Caves to Curving Trees to Greco-Roman architecture arches have served as a frame to invite the viewer into the picture, a portal for the imagination. Examples reach from antiquity to contemporary paintings.  Simon Schama wrote of  this history in … Continue reading

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Placing The Viewer

Our participation as viewer or artist with a painting depends upon the geographic position the viewer occupies.  Geography of viewpoint determines  the level, quality and, type of engagement.  Here are examples of how that process works. First, consider our natural … Continue reading

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Waterfalls and Simplified Physics

Waterfalls seduce with their ability to infer movement.  To make a painting with this inference depends on your plan.  The plan is linear like a map and, it does not generally give a strong sense of  space.  The illusion of … Continue reading

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