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The Journey From Symbols to Vision and Feelings

For more than 50,000 years we have been painting what we know, making  clear, legible iconic images that represent our ideas  about  life.  We still do it.  2,600 years ago the Greeks took new look at representing images and tried … Continue reading

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Find Evocative Atmosphere in Watercolor

By the beginning of the 19th century watercolor was ready for prime time. Girtin, Constable, Turner and others had experimented with  myriad effects, perspective, erasable surfaces, spontaneity, and glazing as if in oil. They had pretreated surfaces, pre-colored them, and … Continue reading

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Pushing Representation Into Abstraction

Abstraction was a reaction to artists’ fulfillment of the pursuit of  the  Aristotle’s  aesthetic, “Art as the successful  the imitation of nature”.  Until the mid-19th century western painting was preoccupied with imitative art , art which mimicked  a 3-dimensionally  staged … Continue reading

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Painting Invades Photography

Just as Vermeer and Canaletto adopted the technology of the camera obscura as an aid in imitating appearances  so have painters begun to colonize photography with the most antique technology of all, paint. I will be using  Adobe’s Photo Elements … Continue reading

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The Photograph and The Painting

New York’s Museum of Modern Art once devoted an entire exhibition demonstrating how the compositional traditions of painters were passed on to photographers. Early photographers  made images on the basis of paintings they had seen. It was the their vocabulary.  … Continue reading

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