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Pathways to Abstraction

Art historians have wrestled with the difference between  the art of mimesis ( imitation of nature) and decorative or ornamental  expressions( what had been called primitive art until the mid 20th century).  Decorative art included such categories as, historic  weavings, … Continue reading

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Painting Is A Guessing Game

Ernst Gombrich stressed the paradox of making and seeing a three dimensional sensation on a two dimensional plane.  He called this essential the problem of naturalism, of realism.  The solution lies understanding in how we construct  our vision, our view … Continue reading

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Colored Light, Part II

In this part 2 of  “Colored Light” I arranged a series of transparent images. Some are seen with light  coming from the back, others  represent reverse glass painting in which the image is painted on the glass ( like stained … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Colored Light

In this blog I will show you how artists strained to simulate in paint  the effects of the glory of color informed by light, the effects of stained glass.   The use of  gold leaf  helped painters to give more a variable, animated and … Continue reading

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