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Vertigo and Distance

When Leonardo  made his quick sketches of Tuscany and the Mountains North of Milan he recognized that mountains appeared more elevated if they stood beside a plain. Depth builds height.  He also saw that illusory panoramic  space demanded a feeling … Continue reading

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Gold Leaf, Valuable Material For Valuable Subjects

Since Ancient Egyptians we have been painting on gold leaf, the bright, inert element, eternally reflecting, never rusting.  If you want to insure perceived value in your subject simply clothe them, surround them or  present them in gold.  From India … Continue reading

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Luminosity with Yellow and Violet

Johannes Itten, the Color Professor at the Bauhaus in Germany  studied simultaneous and successive contrast. His books influenced generations of modernists. He shows us  the differentiating effects of complementary colors when set against complements of equal value and equal area.  … Continue reading

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Translucence and Reflection In Oil, Step-by-Step

In the 1930’s Robert and Sonia Delaunay blazed a trail toward understanding  the properties of  translucence and opacity in layered colors. Other Bauhaus artists like Johannes Itten or Joseph Albers simultaneously considered the problem of color perception, especially concerning reflectance … Continue reading

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