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Back-Light Luminosity In Oil, Step-by-Step

By the 1870’s artists were turning away from the aesthetic goal of imitating nature to rendering perceptual experience.  Gombrich speaks of the effort to experience  restlessness  versus repose and the experience of a quick glance as opposed to the traditional … Continue reading

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Step by Step, Translucent Surfaces In Watercolor

Translucence has long intrigued artists because it holds the possibility of apparently looking at two areas simultaneously, the surface and what’s below the surface.  What follows are  watercolor illustrations showing you how to achieve translucent water effects. The angle at … Continue reading

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Guiding and Priming the Viewer

As the artist you are the primary viewer.  Creative acts depend upon a dynamic associative  memory.   A  dynamic associative memory is also essential to the viewer.  Dynamic associative memory depends upon the emotional, bodily condition of the artist or viewer … Continue reading

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The Habits of An Organizing Mind

Our ability to recognize and build patterns is our essential motivator in  perceiving and constructing art, let alone everything else from finding our keys to  the finding the door. We use each of our senses as if it were a telescope, … Continue reading

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