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Luminous Surfaces, Luminous Shadows

From Edvard Munch to Edward Hopper, from  Vlaminck to Bonnard we can see the impressionist legacy of  complementary color effects creating brilliant light through contrast. We can also see the legacy of  16th and 17th century Italian and Dutch painting with … Continue reading

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Inferring Harmony, Building Coherence

How Does Gerhard Richter make an abstraction cohere into a seeming unitary bundle with 3d illusion? How did past masters manufacture coherence and harmony in their work? What are the tools? What are the methods? How can we manipulate our perception … Continue reading

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Transitions with Color, Design and Smoke

Stephen Sondheim  observed that artists discover essential simplification as an effective tool only after years of experience.  Time and experience elevate the artist’s vision to find  power and enduring effect in the essential nature of a work and not in … Continue reading

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Art and Politics

I have long agreed with Ernst Gombrich that art , like science, at its best is an activity of pure discovery without  an overt political, social or personal agenda.The artist disappears in the act of looking and finding. The musician … Continue reading

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