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Discovery and Distillation Through A Sequence of Experiments

While hiking through Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire, a site of inspiration for 19th century Hudson River Painters I discovered a blue-green basin of vibrating water below a shallow falls. The transition from the light at the bottom … Continue reading

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History of Clouds, Part II, 19th and 20 Centuries

As the 18th century closed and the age of Enlightenment gave way to the age of Romanticism,  the new 19th century painters followed and anticipated the new cultural  and scientific shifts. While geology and meteorology were nascent in the late … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Clouds, Chapter I

There is an evolution in our painting of skies and clouds over the last 500 years. Until about 1880 we were concerned with mimesis, the faithful imitation of nature. We had evolved painting away from iconic signs  toward a stronger … Continue reading

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Enigma and Mystery

One of the most famous landscapes in European history is the ” Tempest” by Giorgione from 1506. It is also one of the most enigmatic and inscrutable paintings and yet, its undecipherable character underpins its attraction. We are able to conjure … Continue reading

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