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Ideation Through Perspective and Dissolving Form

Ideation is the act of forming a coherent visual comprehension, a sense of recogntion, a perception of what we are looking at. Peculiarly, in painting as in music and other arts, we are more likely to build a convincing perception, … Continue reading

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Expanding Scale and Collaboration in Painting

Collaborators can be found in history, technology, past and foreign cultures, or with a living colleague. Here are examples and, descriptions of a variety of partners and methods. If scale is to be expanded then studio size, materials, and tools … Continue reading

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Rocks and Streams

Rocks and water have an historic and complementary relationship. They are in conflict, or contrast, or resistence with each other. One presents a notion of stability; the other motion. One presents a promise of fertility, life and impermanence; the other,¬†eternal … Continue reading

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