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The Quality of Blue

Pliny The Elder of ancient Rome wondered why blue had not been listed as an elemental color by the Greeks…only black( from soot and burned resin), red ( vermilion, the red that even Monet and Turner would rely upon and act … Continue reading

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In Maine, An Evolution of American Expressionism

As artists of the early 20th century explored  the legible limits of painting with free gestures, iconic subject matter, exaggerated and emotive forms,  simplified designs, and flattened space they sent a cascade of influence over artists painting in the remainder of the 20th century … Continue reading

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Collaboration Between Generations

Tradition begins with collaboration. We learn from other older models.  Either way, we collaborate by reacting to tradition or by following tradition. Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Verrocchio all worked together on a single painting, the Baptism of Jesus by John. … Continue reading

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