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Step By Step In Grand Central Station

For Poussin in the 17th Century, his design principles rested in the tension of  perpendiculars. For Da Vinci,  his designs often relied upon organizing triangles.  Here is a step by step application of those two basic design systems employed together in … Continue reading

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Defining Shadows

Chiaroscuro or Clair-Obscur use darkness as an instrument to identify, imply, and insinuate space and objects within a picture.  Here are examples of how shadows build suggestive space and shapes. In Renaissance and Baroque Italian painting the core or dark area of … Continue reading

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The Evolving Stages of a Painting

  Here are the stages of a painting as it evolved in my studio ( yes, that unfortunate pile to right is my palette and the vertical crush of brushes are my tools). I start with a 36×36 inch sheet of … Continue reading

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