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The Changing Purposes of Art

To understand our own ambitions, needs and uses for art we can look back.  We can uncover our contemporary purposes by discovering the role of art in history.  While we cannot be sure of the intentions of cave painters at … Continue reading

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Echoes of Romanticism and Abstract Expressionism

Today artists are still affected by a cultural shift at the close of the 1700s, the birth of a new aesthetic, Romanticism.  Here  were painters, poets, musicians all reacting to the constraining aesthetics  of neo-classicism.  The  reigning Enlightenment’s quest for objective and universal truth was overthrown by … Continue reading

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Borrowing From Hieroglyphs

Engineers define information as occurring at points of change.  We find meaning where we detect change. On a cup we find change in the continuity of the cup at the lip, or at the handle  or at the base. We … Continue reading

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