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Borrowing From Other Cultures: Persia

Picasso borrowed from African masks which appeared in his early work like Les Demoiselles D’Avignon in 1907. Earlier, Monet borrowed color, vantage point and  design ideas from Japanese artists like Hokusai. Other artists have knowingly or not borrowed from other … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Linear Perspective

By 1436 Leon Batista Alberti had described and illustrated the basic principles of linear perspective in his book Della Pittura(On Painting). Those principles would be carried through the Renaissance, his book a valuable resource for numerous studios and artists including … Continue reading

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A Painting Is Not A Point In Time

As Ernst Gombrich discussed in his book “The Image and The Eye”, time is sensed in a painting on the basis of memory and expectation. A painting offers a context for revealing the past and the future; what just happened … Continue reading

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From Watercolor to Oil

Turner and Cezanne, two of our greatest landscape painters, both discovered the luminous, liquid plasticity of watercolor and then, tried to develop their oils to offer a similar sense of their watercolors’ incandescence, plasticity of form and ambiguous suggestion.  Translucent watercolor … Continue reading

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