This month's featured painting

Suggested Supply List:

 For all painters:

Acomfortable lightweight portable stool or chair, rolls of Bounty Paper towels, a sketch pad and sketching materials, artists tape ( I use a 3m blue low tack painter’s tape),  disposable rubber gloves, a small rolling suitcase or rolling cart for supplies, a lightweight portable easel,  a camera can be helpful, and anything you like bring with you, (i.e. water) just keep it lightweight and portable.

For oil painters:

 I recommend Schmincke-Mussini and Old Holland oil paints.

Titanium white, Scheveningen Blue Light, Ultramarine Blue, Gamboge yellow,  Transparent Red Oxide, Scheveningen Red middle…Those are  the basics….if you want more you could pick up any of a variety of violets and, Cobalt Blue,  Schminke-Mussini Translucent Cyan, and either Ruby lake or Carmine lake, Brilliant Rose (pink), Manganese Violet (reddish or bluish), Indian Yellow, Hooker’s Green.  Be sure to get an odorless turpenoid (by Weber) and refined linseed oil (although walnut, poppyseed, and sunflower oils will all work). And then you will need brushes: some rounds and flats in nylon (DaVinci Series, or Sierra Series or Princeton or Pro Arte….any good synthetic nylon-type sables…from at least 1” flats to ¼” flats and rounds …perhaps a #12, #8, #1 or #2. and 1” and ½” inexpensive bristle brushes, a badger blender or fan and a 1” Japanese Sumi brush could all be useful..  I also rely on 2” soft synthetic flats. A container for turpenoid and one for medium and (of course) surfaces to paint on. I paint on smooth multi primed Belgian Linen….the smoother the surface the better.

For Watercolorists: Again I recommend Old Holland or Schmincke Mussini tube watercolors (having the finest color saturation etc).  Consider the same color palette as the oil painters (previous paragraph). Be certain to include titanium highlighting white. For brushes I recommend the same as the oil painters with a couple of additions: some Kolinsky Sables and a 1” Japanese Hake and a 1” Japanese Sumi brush. Don’t forget your water container, 140lb Hot press watercolor paper, some 3M white quick release painter’s tape if you can find it, Razor blades, perhaps some white conte crayon,  and either a white plastic or paper palette(shiny surface).


For Acrylic Painters: I suggest Lascaux as the best, then Golden products which are excellent. You will want a Transparent Red Oxide (or Burnt Sienna), Ultramarine blue, Quinacridone violet, vermillion or cad red light, turquoise, cobalt blue, Titanium white, Hansa Yellow  and cad yellow (Hansa is a transparent and Cadmium is an opaque yellow), and a gloss medium varnish….and , if you want more time, a retarder (you can get a  “slow dry gloss” medium retarder all in one but, you still would want the gloss medium varnish), a shiny paper palette, a large container for water, quick release tape,  140 lb. hot press water color paper or a universal primed (acrylic primed) portrait linen  or canvas, and your brushes should include a variety of bristle flats and rounds as well as some synthetic sables (see oil painters above). A bristle fan can prove to be versatile.


Remember we can always paint with anything on anything. These are just some basic recommendations not requirements.


Best, David Dunlop